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While, in the last decades, machines and robots have been the drivers for increasing quantity and quality, which also applies to the precast concrete industry, the role of the driver has more and more been taken over by software for some time now.

Industry 4.0 uses intelligent software programs to link all machines and plants involved in the production process. Any data arising in the production process is collected and analyzed. Actual data is compared with target data. With the aid of the data, the interaction of individual machines of a production process is improved more and more, thus increasing the efficiency of the production process. The plant virtually learns by itself to increase its efficiency.

Software also helps to optimize the construction of a building. In Building Information Modeling (BIM) all parties involved in the construction of the building enter their data in a building model which is constantly updated. In this way, all parties involved are always on the same level.

In this category you will find manufacturers and suppliers of software programs and IT consulting firms which have specialized in the precast concrete industry with respective products and services. The software products of the providers listed in this category include ERP, CAD and CAM programs, control software for master computers as well as BIM and other software programs.

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