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The category of construction chemicals comprises concrete admixtures and concrete additives.

Concrete admixtures are used to improve the concrete properties of fresh or hardened concrete. Properties that can be influenced are the workability, setting and hardening behavior or the durability, for example. As concrete admixtures may also have adverse side effects on the properties of concrete, their suitability for the respective application has to be tested in advance.

Concrete additives are finely dispersing additions which have to be considered as a volume percent of the concrete mix and which have an influence on specific concrete properties. A difference is made between almost inert additives of so-called type 1, such as rock powder and color pigments, and reactive additives of so-called type 2, such as trass, fly ash and silica fume or silica suspension.

Along with concrete admixtures and concrete additives, this category includes manufacturers and suppliers of adhesives, surface protection, release agents, retarders, and deactivating agents, waterproofing systems and sealing systems, pigments (granules, slurries, colorants).

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